Northfield School of the Liberal Arts


Middle School


The middle school curriculum at Northfield is built to familiarize students with the fundamental aspects of the subjects they will explore in greater depth in their later years at NFS. This is what we call the grammar stage of the Trivium - the stage in which we learn the facts.



  • Lit/Comp 1

  • Math Foundations

  • General Science

  • Great Books

  • Music


  • Lit/Comp 2

  • Pre-Algebra

  • Physical Science

  • Jewish/Greek History

  • Great Books


  • Lit/Comp 3

  • Algebra 1

  • Intro to Physics and Chemistry

  • Roman/Christian History

  • Latin 1

High School


As the Northfield student progresses in their education, they are challenged not only with knowing the facts of the subjects they study, but also with ordering and relating them through the process of logic. Finally, a Northfield student learns how to critically insert their own voice into the ideas they have been ordering and relating through the logic phase. This final stage of the Trivium is called rhetoric - the capstone of a Northfield student’s exercise. 



  • Medieval Literature

  • Geometry

  • Biology

  • Medieval History

  • Latin 2


  • European Literature

  • European History

  • Chemistry

  • Latin 3

  • Friends University Dual Credit Course


  • American Literature

  • American History

  • Economics

  • Friends University Dual Credit Courses


  • Classical Rhetoric

  • American Government

  • Graduate Project

  • Friends University Dual Credit Courses


Requirements to Graduate from Northfield


To earn a Northfield Diploma, the following subjects must be completed with at least a 2.0 GPA upon graduation:

  • Languages: Latin I, II, III or some approved substitute

  • History: Medieval, European, American

  • Literature and Composition: Medieval, European, American

  • Mathematics: Algebra, Geometry

  • Music: Music Appreciation, 9th -12th grade years (or some approved substitute).

  • Science: Biology, Chemistry

  • Electives: Four from a list of Dual Credit Classes at Friends University