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Convocation: Poet Aaron Brown: "Acacia Road"

Born in Texas and raised in Chad, Aaron Brown now lives with his wife, Melinda, in Kansas, where he is an Assistant Professor of Writing & Editing at Sterling College.

Aaron Brown's new poetry collection, Acacia Roadis the winner of the 2016 Gerald Cable Book Award and has  been published by Silverfish Review Press. 

"Acacia Road is a vivid, brilliant, and haunting memory palace, evoking Aaron Brown's childhood spent in Chad on the cusp of its civil war, and while at times the 'second space' of recollection, seems idyllic, the sound of shelling and gunfire, and news of human violence is never far away." Michael Collier

"These poems proceed by an earnest story-telling and remembering. And while the surfaces of the poems are characterized by skillful narrative and descriptive impulses, underpinning most of them runs a deeper agon and self-critique, uncovering both a fear of and a relentless thirst for the ecstatic. These poems embody, at their best, that thirst." Li-Young Lee

"Aaron Brown’s poetry is beautifully written and has a strong sense of description, thus transforming the ordinary into exquisite, blissful bits of writing. From the precious time spent with friends come these poems in which not a particular geographic region, but the land of youth, generosity and love is the true mother country so longed for." African Book Review