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Convocation: Photographer Cary Conover on his one-mile radius project

I've learned that moving away and seeing the world is not as special and being able to return to one's hometown. I lived in New York City 2000-2010 and moved back to Kansas to take a job teaching. I'm most passionate about photography, teaching it to high schoolers, and practicing what I preach.

For the past few years I've been working on a one-mile radius project, photographing everything within one mile from my home in west College Hill. I use an 8x10 large format camera that produces ultra-sharp images. I'm intrigued with the idea of prioritizing facts over aesthetics, and my works very much deals with public/private and curiosity/surveyance. It's kind of a slowed-down, methodical way of photographing my neighborhood, and I'd like to think the results are a pretty unique interpretation of the idea of 'home.' Exploring this zone, I experience trepidation as I feel conflicting impulses to document what feels visually accessible yet voyeuristically off limits. My large camera and tripod make me conspicuous, and drivers will often slow as they pass by. Yet, I know I am well within my rights to document truth with a camera. Even if the truth I aim to capture is illusory and fleeting.

Earlier Event: October 23
Work Wednesday (Required of all Students)
Later Event: October 25
Convocation: Sustainability Friday