Northfield School of the Liberal Arts



A Northfield education is not confined to the walls of our school houses; we invite our students into a number of learning arenas that extend the classroom and trains them to participate confidently anyplace.



Academic Competitions

Northfielders participate in a number of city, state and nation-wide academic competitions. Our students have been highly recognized over the years. A sampling of the competitions we participate in are listed below:

Poetry out Loud
Kansas Voices
National History Day
Foundation for Economic Education
National Latin Exam
National Math Exam




At Northfield, we believe in cultivating whole people. Our bodies cannot be disregarded as we cultivate our minds. Through practicing athletics, we teach our students to channel excess energy in healthy ways. While our school does not have an in-house sports program, we have arranged a number of partnerships with teams around the city.

The sports we offer at NFS:
Cross Country




After-school Clubs

We have many interests and not nearly enough time in a day to think about all of them. Here is an array of clubs that the students can lead and/or participate in! Contact us if you want to start or participate in a club!

Spanish Club
Book Club
Writing Club
Fish Club
Hamilton Club
Garden Club
Chess Club
Art Club



Classrooms Everywhere

One of the primary lessons that a Northfield education can give a student is that the classroom is merely one space for the innumerable lessons life offers a good student. We want to inspire lifelong learning, inside or outside the classroom. We take two weeks of the school year, and multiple weeks in the summertime to seek classrooms everywhere.

January School

During January School, Northfielders take a week from the regular school schedule to discover classrooms everywhere. We engage with the entrepreneurial makers and builders in our local community, experiencing their places, witnessing the process of their craft, and listening to their stories.

Some of the Entrepreneurs we have worked with:
Dave Dahl (WSU Entreprenurship Professor)
Lexi Bruner (Smallcakes)
Ivy and Jon Jones (Verita Coffee)
Kayne Pumphrey (Blue Balloon)

Mid-Winter Week Trips

Mid-Winter Week is another week-long, small group opportunity for Northfielders to enter learning environments a little less local than ones we encounter during January School.

Some of our Mid-Winter Week destinations:
Rome, Italy
Red-Cloud Nebraska, Willa Cather’s hometown
Daniel Boone Cabin, Elderslie Farm
Holden Farm and Wildlife Preserve
Lindsborg, Kansas Galleries

June School

During the Summer, June School gives our students and faculty the opportunity to continue learning as a community. We travel to a space of historical significance to learn about the people that played their stories out there.


Some of the places we have travelled to:
Dogwood Mudhole, Middle Tennessee
Williamsburg, VA
University of the South, Sewanee TN
Lake Vermilion, Cook MN
Midwest Native American Trails