Northfield School of the Liberal Arts


Northfield Faculty
 In Loco Parentis

During their time at Northfield, a student interacts with the faculty of the school personally and on a daily basis. The faculty of Northfield School function In Loco Parentis, in the place of the students' parents, exercising their role as teacher while intentionally caring for and cultivating meaningful relationships with their students.


Eric Whetmore
chemistry & math
BS, Friends University, MS, University of Iowa

Amy profile.jpg

Amy Henry
literature & composition
BA, University of Northern Colorado, MA [in pursuit]


Lisa Segard
mathematics & pre-algebra
BA, Wichita State University

Nathaniel profile.jpg

Nathaniel Lutke
 history, & economics
BA, University of Kansas, MA, Wichita State University

Charlene profile.jpg

Charlene Diaz
math & latin

David profile.jpg

David Cullen
                     geometry                     BA, Anaheim Christian College MA, Simon Greenleaf School of Law, Diplôme d'Etudes Approfondies & Doctorat de Troisième Cycle, Université des Sciences Humaines de Strasbourg


Hannah profile.jpg

Hannah Oster
 life sciences
BS, Friends University,  MS [in pursuit] Wichita State University

Bill profile.jpg

Bill Coleman
literature, composition, latin & drama
BFA, MFA, Wichita State University

Megan Taylor Gilstrap
                       music                          BA, Friends University

Administration at Northfield


Becky Elder
amica scholae                headmistress
BA, University of the South


Susan Elder
financial aid director              history & great books
BA, Kansas State University


Emily profile.jpg

Emily Alumbaugh
office manager
BA, Friends University