Northfield School of the Liberal Arts


Frequently Asked Questions


Why is Northfield in two houses?

Our school houses reflect our resourceful nature and respect for the past.

Where does the faculty come from?

Our faculty have been organically integrated into our community. Many of our faculty were NFS parents who embraced our vision and stayed to teach it in the classroom.

Who is on your board of directors?

Our daily “cardboard” of directors, is a line of Benedictine monks painted on corrugated paper. In all seriousness, the spirit of our place is drawn from the order of St. Benedict. In a more literal sense, our board of director is made up people who champion theLiberal Arts and our work.

Why is NFS only 6th-12th?

Children become students as they transition towards questioning the world around them. Our faculty spend time and resources in these pivotal years of the student's life to help the common mind ask and answer excellent questions.

Is NFS a Christian school?

Credibility needs evidence. Faith rests on things hoped for but not yet seen. A Northfield education begins with the faith that God has authored and finished all things in creation then assuming the task of discovery.


Only at Northfield

Only at Northfield is a film project that two Northfield students put together to talk
about all the things that happen at our school that make us unique...and a little odd.