Northfield School of the Liberal Arts


Are you a business or individual who wants to participate in the vision of Northfield School? 

Invest in a student's future by becoming a Community Sponsor or hosting a Work Study student.

Work Study Program

The Work Study Program gives local businesses the opportunity to participate in the school's vision in a tangible way. By inviting Northfield students into your work environment on a weekly basis, businesses have the opportunity to influence the life and education of our young people by providing them with real work experience that will prepare them for future employment. This contribution to the student's future is also an opportunity to diversify your own work environment and invest in the future of the Wichita community and workforce. 

We ask that businesses make a tax-deductible donation to the school in exchange for the students' weekly work. 

If you are a business interested in hosting a Work Study student, please contact us. 

Community Sponsor

Community Sponsors can financially and personally invest in the life of an individual Northfield student by gifting the student with tuition. If you are interested in sponsoring an individual student, please contact us. Please note that these restricted gifts are non-tax deductible.