Trustees - those on whose integrity, strength and ability another can rely with confidence

Northfield is a Section 501c(3) charitable corporation and thus overseen by a Board of Trustees who are charged with maintaining its vision and guiding its mission. If you or others you know have a serious interest in sharing this kind of responsibility, please contact us and we will pass your interest along to the Board.

However, as important as the Board of Trustees is to the Northfield community, the most important boards by far are the boards of the cohort teachers ... on which our sacred trust in gifted teachers is traced out everyday before our children. Remember to encourage them in this work ... and may we never forget [or cease to try to repay] the debt we owe them for so faithfully keeping this trust.

And if you feel moved to contribute to the work at Northfield either in terms of time or money, know that your contribution will be put to good use and highly valued by everyone at Northfield !!