Vision & Mission

Vision - from the past participle of the Latin videre - "to see"

Northfield believes ... a liberal arts education enables the student to achieve dialectical maturity which means to

    • master the proven and perennial learning tools of the first three liberal arts ... grammar, logic and rhetoric ... known as the trivium

    • needed to articulate, relate and debate important scientific and cultural issues [timely or timeless]

    • in order to make informed choices that will reliably benefit both the individual and the community in a multitude of personally edifying and practically enriching ways.

Mission - from the past participle of the Latin mittere - "to send"

Northfield strives ... to achieve this vision by hosting teachers and families in the formation and operation of cohorts ... autonomous schools within the Northfield community ... which share

    • pedagogy - the use of the learning tools of the trivium,

    • conduct - seven simple rules for promoting individual integrity, interpersonal harmony and collective vitality,

    • infrastructure - the physical facilities and administrative applications which enable, record and communicate the vitality of every student.

Northfield exists ...

    • to assist the poorest students everywhere

    • to gain the best education anywhere.