About Us

Northfield began, and for 25+ years functioned, as a "school" with

  • control over the methods and subjects of education ... pedagogy and curriculum and

  • a "hand" in most of the multi-faceted relationships [aka the conduct] that formed between the various parties of interest ... administration, teachers, students and parents.

However, over time we began to see two things that repeatedly gave us pause to think:

  • families are the ecological unit through which human beings best realize their full potential and

  • depth of relationship is more important to learning than breadth of anything else.

And so, when COVID forced us to rethink schooling, we "found" what we now call
cohorts ... small, autonomous schools that already existed within the Northfield community ... waiting to be discovered. Each cohort is composed of a teacher and a group of families which grow together as they define and pursue their own educational constitutions ... with Northfield providing common rules for pedagogy, conduct and infrastructure sharing.

Northfield has now become a host of schools ... and the cohorts are the schools we host ... and more cohorts are forming as teachers and families gather together to "find" their own schools at Northfield. Come and see.

>> For more on cohorts ... COHORT Education Infrastructure