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Each cohort hosted by Northfield is an autonomous school formed, supported and operated by a principal teacher and participating families. We prefer the term "autonomous" [from auto+nomos = self+managment] to the term "independent" [ from in+de+pendere = not+from+to hang] when describing cohorts, because they work [and "hang"] together in many ways to feed and be fed by each other.

However, the student's admission to, enrollment in and graduation/expulsion from a specific cohort are handled entirely by the cohort itself. To share in the Northfield community, each cohort must

Other than that, each cohort determines its own curriculum subject to annual review by Northfield as being consistent with our Vision and Mission. For more information on or to join an existing cohort, follow the link below to a cohort's website ... then come and see it for yourself.

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The Star-Splitter Academy
Bill Coleman, along with a small team of expert collaborators, leads a mixed-grade cohort of fifteen students through a series of interrelated three-week deep dives into core content areas. At the same time, they engage in intentional community-building exercises, such as the playing of improv games. This model of education is designed to allow students to gain a felt understanding of the integration of knowledge, even as they learn to build constructive conversations and grow together into a trusting, joyful, generative learning community.

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The Studium
Nathaniel Lutke, along with an extraordinary faculty, leads a cohort divided into three groups (6/7th, 9/10th, 11/12th) offering classes for both full-time and part-time students.  Studium follows a calendar month rotation of 2 deep-dive courses per month, and continues to offer Math and Latin.  Studium 11/12th students who have demonstrated readiness are free to use their mornings to attend classes at Friends University just 1.5 blocks to the west of our campus!  This opportunity allows students to have a solid home base while building college experience.

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