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Welcome to COHORT based schooling
This is a new concept in primary and secondary education, but it has been around for millenia in many different forms which always combine the UNIVERSAL, the INDIVIDUAL and the COMMON in a functional hierarchy just as they exist in the REAL world we inherit and inhabit.  Learn more about it below.

If you know a group of families and/or teachers who would like to explore starting a cohort [associated with Northfield or not], we welcome your interest and would be glad to offer any assistance we can.

More on cohorts

Picture of the different levels of activity which are united in cohort based schooling. Look below for more information on each level.
A roof representing the umbrella under which avtivities at Northfield take place.

NORTHFIELD exists on 3 levels:  Universal PEDAGOGY, Individual COHORTS and  Common INFRASTRUCTURE which all rest on Bedrock REALITY.

The universal PEDAGOGY is  the TRIVIUM of Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric [or Dialogue]. All COHORTS must use it.

Parents, students and the teacher form the basis for every individual cohort.

Individual COHORTS hosted by Northfield are autonomous units formed, supported and operated by a principal teacher and participating families. Admission to, enrollment in, curriculum of and graduation/expulsion from a specific cohort are handled entirely by the cohort itself. Cohorts work together in many ways to share learning experiences during the school year.

Buildings and book are part of the common infrastructure cohorts share.

All cohorts share common INFRASTRUCTURE consisting of one or more of the following:
1. Northfield internet domain and programs with common protocols.
2. Northfield building facilities with seven simple rules of conduct.
3. Northfield access to local and national tuition assistance and grant programs as a 501c3.
All cohorts MUST comply with all laws regulating its operations including, but not limited to, non-discrimination.
All cohorts are subject to annual review by Northfield as being consistent with our Vision and Mission.

All education must rest on bedrock principles.

Bedrock REALITY recognizes Education as the mediator between Economy and Ecology in a 3E-cycle that can improve AND sustain life on the planet if we understand and practice it. All other learning is vanity.

—Current Northfield Cohorts —

Candle logo of the Studium cohort.

The Studium
Nathaniel Lutke, along with an extraordinary faculty, leads a cohort divided into three groups (6/7th, 9/10th, 11/12th) offering classes for both full-time and part-time students.  Studium follows a calendar month rotation of 2 deep-dive courses per month, and continues to offer Math and Latin.  Studium 11/12th students who have demonstrated readiness are free to use their mornings to attend classes at Friends University just 1.5 blocks to the west of our campus!  This opportunity allows students to have a solid home base while building college experience.

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