The Neighborhood

"The principle of neighborhood at home always implies the principle of charity abroad. "
Wendell Berry

Northfield is an educational community composed of "schools within a school". We call each individual school a cohort. Each cohort operates on its own while sharing the larger Northfield infrastructure. Our cohorts are consciously designed to further your student's unique and common secondary educational needs and desires [ages 11-18] ... but more on that later.

Although this approach may seem different at first, relax ... it's really quite natural ... just think of us as "many households in one neighborhood".

Find your home

We're glad you're here and we want you to feel right at home as soon as possible ... because all real and lasting education is rooted in a loving family and a welcoming home ... what Christopher Lasch called "the haven in a heartless world".

The good news is that there is no need for anyone to be homeless in our neighborhood. And that means YOUR FIRST TASK is to visit the various households ... the cohorts ... that reside here and see which one best fits your student's educational needs, talents and dreams.

And as you seek your home, remember that a household is an organism made up of its members ... just like a neighborhood is an organism made up of its households. That means there are privileges and responsibilities. Everyone at Northfield shares in and contributes to both identities.

Get to know the place

Once you have joined a cohort and found your home at Northfield, there will be plenty of time to get to know the neighbors and to explore the special opportunities Northfield offers. We are constantly on the look out for initiatives that will enhance your stay with us and help make it a lasting influence and a precious memory in a lifetime of learning.

Engage in education

So without further delay,  let us say we hope you will consider joining a cohort and taking your place in our community ... because ... we're home and you're welcome!