Welcome to Northfield

SINCE 1993,  teachers and students [ages 11-18] have gathered here as friends in small classes

LOCATED a block from Friends University, the Northfield campus is part of a growing neighborhood of autonomous but inter-dependent micro schools [which we call cohorts] where every student can find an educational home - in which to grow - until [s]he is ready to go - into a lifetime of learning.

BEGIN your online visit by learning more about the cohorts and considering which ones might be right for you ... just click the links to their websites on this page.

Then PLAN some in-person visits by contacting each cohort that piques your interest. Take your time and think it thru ... there's certainly something here for you.

We're home ... and you're welcome!
Becky Elder

Northfield Cohorts
are enrolling NOW for Fall 2023.
Scholarships are STILL available if you apply soon.
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The Studium, led by Nathaniel Lutke, follows a calendar rotation of two deep-dive courses per month in addition to Math and Latin. A unique aspect of the model is to allow Juniors and Seniors who have demonstrated readiness to free up their morning schedule and attend classes at Friends University.

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At The Star-Splitter Academy, Bill Coleman, along with and a small team of expert collaborators, leads a mixed-grade cohort of fifteen students through a series of interrelated three-week deep dives into core content areas. At the same time, they engage in intentional community-building exercises.

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